The theme for this year’s Provincial Chapter is An Enduring Story – A New Future!

In the coming weeks, through this e news, Facebook and the website, we hope to share lots of stories with you, the vast Good Shepherd network, and encourage you to be part of the new future!

The Regional Chapter gatherings around Australia and in New Zealand have ended and the feedback will play an important part in shaping the focus for the Provincial Chapter in October.

Provincial Chapter facilitator Jill McCorquodale said it was interesting to hear and see so many issues shared by people across the network, Sisters and lay people alike.

“There are clearly key matters that have emerged, such as co- responsibility and Good Shepherd charism into the future,” Jill said.
“It’s very exciting to witness how so many within Good Shepherd are on board with the new structures and how things are moving.”

Much of the Chapter in October involves just Good Shepherd Sisters, each a vital part of the enduring story. But they take with them, into the Chapter, a great sense of the future story. They carry hopes, plans and visions. They also carry the stories of the past, stories that Good Shepherd people tell us they want to hear.

The first day and a half of the October Chapter will be open to representatives from all parts of Good Shepherd.  As well there will be a series of regional meetings leading up to the Chapter (see dates).

We ask you to be part of this Chapter
– the next in a remarkable and enduring story!

The November Post Chapter news pdf is here

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